Marble chapels (Full day)

Transfer / Navigation Ticket / Stops in Route

Route of marble (Full day)

Transfer / Stop in Route / Visit marble caves Puerto Sánchez and Marble Chapels

Quelat Park + Puerto Cisnes (Full day)

Transfer / Entrance ticket to Queulat National Park / Stops in Route

Six lagoon (half day)S

Transfer / Piedra el Indio / Monument to mate / Stops in Route

City tour Coyhaique (Half day)C

Transfer / Mirador Río Coyhaique / Monument to the sheepherder / Piedra el Indio / Monument to mate / Visit forest reserve Coyhaique / Stops in Route

Agrotourism (Full day)

Transfer / Appreciation of field work / Stops in Route

Rocks paintings + Salto Río Ibáñez (full day)P

Transfer / Visit wall of the hands / Visit Ibanez jump / Stops in Route

Transfer Chacabuco with catamaran connection

Transfer Coyhaique – Chacabuco – Coyhaique

Chile Chico (Full day)

Transfer Coyhaique – Chacabuco – Coyhaique / Transfer / Barge Ticket / Chile Chico Tour

Cerro Castillo (Full day)

Transfer / Access ticket Cerro Castillo National Park / Guide